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What Is Involved In Catering Corporate Events?

If you have looked into putting together a corporate event, you understand the amount of time and energy it takes to transform plans into an amazing party in reality. Often, you will need the help of numerous people and use up the precious time and talent of a good number of your employees. Instead of tying the time and energy of up your employees and adding layers of stress to their workload, there is a better alternative. If you want your next corporate catering event to be perfectly planned and memorable with superior service and fantastic food, you need to call in Thomas Oliver. We are your source for exquisite New York corporate catering.

The First Steps

The first things you will need to decide is the type of food you want to provide for you event. Perhaps you are looking for a specific meal, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between. You take a look through our vast selection. We have everything from drinks, desserts, meals, and even buffets. If you are looking to make your corporate event stand out, we have a variety of themed events that will make any corporate event much more memorable. With Thomas Oliver you can choose a variety of themed events such as our Asian Fusion, Italian Feast, Southwest BBQ, or our signature New Yorker. With eighteen different themed events, you will be able to find something perfectly memorable for your next corporate event. We use only the freshest ingredients so we can provide a true culinary masterpiece each and every time. Whether you are putting together a lunch for potential investors, clients, or your reliable employees, you can count on Thomas Oliver’s to provide the very best.

Once the Food is Selected

After you have chosen the meal or the theme, the next step is to find the right spot to hold your event. Sometimes you will have the convenience of being able to hold it at your office, sometimes you will need to find a larger location. In addition to the location, you will need to make certain you have tables, chairs, utensils, and plates. Since this is just one additional stressor when it comes to planning a party, Thomas Oliver’s can make it even easier for you. We provide the utensils, plates, and everything else you need to host a successful corporate event. To make things away from your office easier, we have event and corporate planners on hand. They can help you find the best location and work with you in the rentals for chairs, tables, and other supplies. Our event planners will work to inspire, so you can have the Corporate Event you want. When it comes to Manhattan corporate catering, Thomas Oliver’s is the way to reduce stress and make every step in planning that much easier.

Taking Your Corporate Event to the Next Level

When you choose to incorporate a theme into your next corporate event, you will bring an atmosphere that will be unforgettable. With Thomas Oliver’s we can transform a conference room or break room into a Mexican Fiesta, Mardi Gras, Greek Buffet or other theme. You will be amazed at our food and planning expertise. If you have people in your party with special dietary restrictions, let us know. We have a gluten free menu and can help find great food for even the pickiest person. When you want the best in New York catering, you need Thomas Oliver’s. With us on your side, the stress of planning any corporate event will dissolve. You will love our gourmet meals and superior service. We work to make every corporate event into something memorable and unforgettable. You can count on Thomas Oliver’s to bring your next corporate event to the next level.

Tips for Planning a Spring Company Party

Spring is nearly here and you have been thinking that it’s time for a spring corporate party to wake everyone up after cold, dreary winter. We have all made it through these crazy, miserable Nor’Easters and it’s time to celebrate spring. A company party is the perfect idea to motivate, energize and wake up the fresh ideas for the rest of the year. Events like this are a perfect way to get all your employees on the same page and reconnect as a team. There’s nothing like a delicious meal, enjoyable entertainment and socializing in a quasi non-work setting to spark creativity. The thoughts of putting it all together alone sounds unbearable however. Gathering supplies, food and everything you need for a spring party is just too much for even a couple people to do alone. What you need are the specialized skills and experience from the staff at Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering to help you plan a smashing success of a party. You need the most delicious options when it comes to corporate catering in Manhattan and we have got you covered.

The best spring party starts with a good idea

Theming for your company party is a fantastic idea as it will help your employees recall it better years down the road. Themed parties also have an energy that flat, themeless parties lack. Coming into a room with dinner and speakers is nice, but coming into a room with a Hawaiian Luau theme is a whole lot more exciting. And you want to wow your employees, right? Let our New York corporate catering team help with these fun ideas:

Beach Day Party:  What better way to encourage warmer weather than to celebrate it with our beach themed meals. Macaroni salad, pickle chips, teriyaki steak and chicken jerk kabobs and chipotle corn are just a few summer feeling dishes served up with this theme. We provide all the paper goods and tablecloths, what can be better than that?

Mexican Fiesta: Nothing is more lively than a colorful, Mexican fiesta. Mexican food is savory and a favorite of many. Serving up marinated, grilled fajitas, soft and hard shell tacos, nachos and flan will be a complete hit. The food is exciting and this theme is a real crowd pleaser.

Hawaiian Luau: You can almost feel the warm summer sun with this themed corporate catering New York event. A tropical garden salad and grilled chicken breast, garnished with sides of Hawaiian shrimp creole and stir fried pineapple and wild rice is one of the tastiest summer fun dinners you can organize for your company party. We do all the difficult work of set up, clean up and providing all the tableware of course. You can’t lose with this theme.

Go fancy with a buffet: Our corporate Build Your Own Dinner Buffet option is a great idea for a little more swank and formal atmosphere. You have a lot of flexibility in this area and area options are many. For the entree, select from chicken roulade, southern fried chicken, Korean style steaks, BBQ ribs or herb crusted salmon just to name a few from our incredibly delectable entree list. Our list for sides will make your mouth water. Honey roasted baby carrots, herb roasted potatoes, baked sweet plantains, three bean salad or tropical quinoa are a few sides everyone will enjoy. But you can’t forget dessert! The Italian Dessert Platter with biscotti, chocolate mousse, cream puffs and cannolis is divine. Our moist selection of moist yogurt loaf cakes, the brownie platter or even a make your own ice cream bar are great ideas to go along with any dinner theme. Our list of choices in the buffet area will blow you away so if you’re curious, ask and we will be happy to go into detail.

Stress free corporate catering in Manhattan

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is all about helping you deliver fabulous meals for any corporate event and taking the stress out of the planning. We clean up, set up and deliver the food so you don’t have to worry about it. Need venues, party equipment or center pieces? We have resources here as well. Stop fretting about your next corporate spring party and let us help you. Call us today to get your corporate party planned.

To Die For Corporate Catering Menus

It’s soon time for your next corporate event and this time, you want it to be memorable. You want the food to strike a chord. You want to impress your employees and associates. Preparing the presentations and getting the agenda ready for your event presses heavy on your mind. You want to have complete confidence that your corporate catering NYC company will deliver the most delicious dishes, sides and desserts. While your employees and associates spend many hours trying to wow their boss at work, during a corporate event, it’s your turn to wow them. The type of food and ambiance at corporate meetings and events also is a reflection of what your company stands for. You want the food to be enjoyable so no matter what your presentation is about, they will be in a good mood. Psychologically, food has great power to boost mood and poor quality food can do the opposite. Trusting in a professional NYC corporate catering company that will deliver scrumptious food to make your event a smashing success is what you need.

Casual corporate catering

For casual meeting luncheons, when you can place the burden of what to eat on an experienced catering team, your stress load will be lightened. Picking up sandwiches, fixings, condiments, desserts and drinks for the luncheon is a big job. Why not let us take care of these details? And along the way you will also get to relax a bit and enjoy one of the tastiest lunches you’ve had in awhile. Here are a few examples of appetizing corporate lunch menu options:

Sandwich lunch menu: Whether it’s an office, business or boardroom lunch, with a minimum of 8 guests, we will prepare an assortment of sandwiches and wraps that will appeal to all tastes. Adding Assorted David’s Cookies, cakes, brownies and blondies with a fresh fruit platter on the side makes a well rounded lunch.

Hot panini luncheon: If you want to serve something more interesting than the usual sandwiches, hot paninis are a perfect choice. How delicious does breaded chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, marinara and parmesan cheese with black forest ham, brie, and sliced pickles sound? The meat selection is superb. Salami, ham, prosciutto, and smoked turkey on a hot pressed sandwiches are a delicious choice everyone will love.
Formal corporate catering

For a fancier, more elegant corporate catering NYC event, we can offer a splendid feast for both the mouth and the eyes. These dishes look as beautiful as they taste and will definitely please your employees. Below are a few menu selections that are perfect for a formal event:

Build your own dinner buffet: If you’d like to select the menu choices that fit your event, we have a wide variety you will love. The chicken roûlade filled with spinach, provolone and roasted red peppers, rosemary roasted chicken or chicken milanese are 3 popular and elegant choices. If beef is what you are craving, sliced fire grilled marinated flank steak served with a horseradish cream sauce, Thai beef kebabs or Korean-style steaks are sure to impress your guests. A wide variety of many vegetable side dishes from fiesta corn to candied sweet potatoes to roasted cajun potato wedges are the perfect garnish to the meal. Desserts such as Italian dessert platters with tiramisu and cannolis or ice cream sundae bars add a brilliant finishing touch.

Themed corporate dinners: Why not make the dinner extra memorable with a theme? A Taste of France, A Taste of Italy and A Taste of Greece bring you the most exotic, elegant French, Italian and Greek dishes all will enjoy.
Worry free NYC corporate catering

Take the stress out of your corporate event planning by handing the meal preparations over to the professionals. Our recipes are out of this world excellent and worth every penny. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is excited to be your corporate catering NYC company and entertain the tastebuds of all in attendance at your event.

Three Ways Corporate Catering Will Wow Your Employees

Planning corporate events and meetings takes a lot of work, no matter what size your company is. When it comes to preparations, your list of to do’s is long and overwhelming. Formulating the agenda for the event is hard enough but adding food to all that means days of work. Purchasing the food, drinks, dinnerware, serving items, napkins and tablecloths is a large undertaking, even if the food is already prepackaged and ready to eat. As a business owner however, you know that there is an essential purpose to your meeting or event. It may be to train your employees on new information, inform them of policies and plans or last of all, team building, fun and treating them to a job well done. Regardless of the reasons, all of these purposes are vital to the success of your business. Happy employees reflect well on your company so delivering an event that will wow them should be your goal. Here are a few ways NYC corporate catering for your next meeting or event will wow your employees:

1-Corporate catering allows you to deliver a power packed meeting

If you are not worrying about what you will feed your employees, as well as purchasing all the necessary essentials for the meal, you have an increase of time to spend making the other details of the event or meeting flow seamlessly. You can focus your time and energy on the agenda of the meeting, working on your presentation or adding other exciting details to the schedule. Less stress for you means that you can focus on the most important aspects of the event and let Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering & Events take this weight off your shoulders. Corporate meetings and trainings are sometimes dreaded by employees so by freeing up your time, you can find ways to ensure your meeting will be a positive and engaging experience.

2-NYC Corporate catering offers a delicious selection of dishes

Picture yourself trying to shoulder the burden of feeding everyone at your next corporate meeting or event. Even if you assign a few employees to help you out, with the time you have, you will not be able to provide a mouth watering, succulent and memorable meal. Remember happy employees mean a successful business. So make your employees happy with a meal they won’t forget! With Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering, you can select from a wide range of entrees, side dishes and desserts that will match the mood of any corporate event your business is providing. A buffet station is a great idea and our pasta station is the perfect choice for a corporate dinner. Choose from tortellini, penne, tri-color totini, farfalle or fusilli pastas with their choice between homemade marinara, alfredo or olive oil with garlic and white wine, vodka or pesto sauces. Add some homemade sides like baby glazed carrots drenched in honey and butter or roasted asparagus spears brushed with garlic olive oil and you have a meal they won’t soon forget.

3-No fuss setup and clean-up

Before a corporate event, you are finalizing details and the last thing you want to worry about is paper products or how to serve ice for the drinks. This is where Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering saves you. Food preparation and setup is a big job. We provide warming servers to keep the food hot, all the dinnerware and even black tie waiters at your request so you can focus on motivating your employees. After the event, you will be happy it is over and spending even one more second with clean-up is the last thing you will want to do. Leave it to us. We will take care of all the food clean-up so you can spend the final few minutes of your event shaking the hands of your hard working employees and thanking them for their time and effort. This time is vital, let us worry about the mess after.

Thomas Oliver’s corporate catering makes your job easier

Corporate catering for NYC events and meetings is what we are good at. We are excited to help you plan your event and make it spectacular. Want a themed event? This is our specialty! Matching the atmosphere of your event with the food is what makes your corporate event something your employees will be talking about for a long time. We are a full service catering company and want to help you make your next corporate event a massive success. Call us today, we can’t wait to wow YOU!