5 Reasons You Should Hire a Party Planner

Anyone who has ever planned a party or a big event can tell you what exhausting work it is. You kill yourself before the party, getting all the details ready and seamless and losing sleep at night wondering if you are forgetting anything or how you can make this or that perfection. Then on the day of the actual party, you run around all in a lather, stressed about getting food prepared, making sure the tables are ready, setting up the decor, coordinating the entertainment and so much more. By the end of the party, you need 3 days just to recover from the stress, fatigue and intensity of planning and putting together the event. Whether your event has 10 people attending or 100, making sure all the details of an important party or event flow together flawlessly can be a big task. It is way too much for 1 person alone to accomplish and that is why hiring an NYC party planner can simplify your life in more ways than you can imagine.

1-You will save time

This is the number one reason because everyone knows, there just is never enough time in the day to get things done and in many incidents, time IS money. Time is a precious commodity and if you can have a party planner take care of details like the food, set up, location, music and decor, you can concentrate on your guests and other details only you can finish.

2-You will save money

Most people skip the party planner because they are on a budget. “If I do it myself, I’ll save money.” This is surprisingly untrue. First off, tell your party planner your budget. Many times when people plan their own events, they hope to stick to a budget but as the purchasing, planning and organizing happens, suddenly they exceed that budget. A party planner does this for a living and knows how and where to purchase things as well as how to maximize your cash to your advantage. They also have relationships with particular venues that can save you money and help your event look spectacular.

3-You will be less stressed

As you sit down with your party planner and explain your vision, their desire is to bring it to life. Go over every detail so nothing is missed. And after that? Just sit back, relax and take care of the other little things needing your attention. Your party planner will create magic and all without you sprouting gray hairs and getting ulcers. You don’t need to fret over dinnerware or tablecloths, food or servers…you can simply focus on the purpose of your event and enjoy it.

4-Your event will look fabulous

A party planner’s sole purpose is to take your conception and materialize it. It is important for you to write down all the details you desire, talk about the food, the venue, the decor and let them get to work. The average person does not plan parties very often so whipping out a grand event can be an arduous task. For a party planner however, they do this every day. They create elaborate events with their eyes closed. Handing it over to the experts will only make you look good.

5-You can spend time with your guests

Whether your event is a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate dinner or a family reunion, your focus is on your guests and purpose for the event. By having an NYC party planner take care of the details, you can enjoy the special things, cultivate relationships and actually breathe. The alternative is running around, stressing over details that won’t matter later and missing all the important moments. It’s time to cherish those seconds and an event planner can help you do that.

Relax and let an NYC party planner do the work

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