How To Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner Memorable

One tradition that is quickly become a thing of the past in the United States is the traditional, family-style, sit down dinner. In the 1950’s, gathering the family together for the evening meal every day was an essential part of life. However, these days with families being pulled in 100 directions with work, school, after school activities and more, meal planning equals stress thus family dinners have taken a backseat in the American lifestyle. Because of this, sitting down once a year for Thanksgiving dinner can feel somewhat out of the ordinary. For Thanksgiving dinner, you want it to feel special, however it can be difficult to put aside our quick eating American habits, eat slowly and enjoy each other’s company around the holiday feast.


Six things to do for your Thanksgiving dinner

Whether you’re a group of close knit family members or having a “friendsgiving” with your good buddies, here are a few ideas to keep you entertained around the dinner table and make your NYC catered Thanksgiving feast by Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering the most memorable dinner ever:

Say a prayer: If your gathering is religious, a prayer of thanks is one of the most popular ways to start a meal. No matter the religion and no matter the god worshipped, prayer is a common way to start the meal.

Take turns saying what you’re grateful for: Reflecting on your blessings is a great way to set the mood for this holiday about gratitude. Giving everyone the floor to say a few words while you eat livens up meal.

Play a game: Conversation games are a perfect thing to do around the dinner table and you may be surprised what you learn about those you love!

Pass around a thankful basket: Hand out paper and pens and have everyone write a few things they’re thankful for, whether serious or funny and then read them out loud.

Share memories: Go around the table, pick a topic and share good and happy memories you’re thankful for.

Do a craft: This one is especially fun when kids are at the dinner table. Put a simple craft near each dinner plate and have everyone participate, such as folding an origami turkey. You can even vote on the best and offer a prize.

Bring back family meal time

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering takes the stress out of meal planning, prep and clean up and leaves you with the fun part—spending time with your family. It’s time to bring back family dinner time and we can help you. Our catering options are many and will fit with any event you can dish. We provide healthy, hearty and scrumptious entrees, sides and desserts you will be proud to serve your loved ones. When it comes to your Thanksgiving feast, let us take care of everything. We deliver memorable dishes and mouthwatering courses that you and your guests will swoon over. You create the memories, we create the holiday spread. Contact Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering for your Thanksgiving Day feast.

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