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While food is an attractive for almost every holiday, few would dispute that the meal is the main attraction when it comes to Thanksgiving. There are countless age-old traditions associated with the festivities in the US, but plenty of new institutions have also crept into the holiday picture over the years. Anyone involved in planning an event must consider a wide range of options that will make a memorable impression on guests. When you retain New York holiday and event catering services, you have an edge on achieving this objective. A few Thanksgiving dinner ideas should get you started.

  1. Thanksgiving in Sandwich Form:

    For many people, the best part of Thanksgiving is the meals you make with the leftovers – especially the iconic turkey sandwich with all the accompaniments. There’s no reason to wait for this indulgence when you retain caterers who can deliver up the sliced bird, along with everything else that makes it a classic. In many ways, turkey sandwich service is even better. It’s freshly sliced and you’ll have a wider range of bread options, such as country, rustic, rye, whole-wheat seeded, wraps, any many more. You can also choose ham, roast beef, and roasted vegetables.

  1. Parade-Viewing and Passed Hors D’oeuvres:

    People consume a massive amount of food people at celebrations throughout the Thanksgiving weekend; some even have multiple meals during the 24 hours of the official holiday. If you’re adventurous, you might consider going light with appetizers in an open house style setting. It’s definitely different, but many of your guests will appreciate the chance to make a toast and nibble on a few bites – rather than sit down for an hours-long affair. Turn on the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade, hire professionals to cater, and enjoy a casual, laid back event.

  1. Let the Pros Do the Cooking:

    When you want someone else to take the lead on every aspect of the Thanksgiving dinner, you can trust New York caterers to deliver everything down to the cranberry relish. Your holiday planning consists of consultation with a catering professional, explaining your needs, and then sitting down to relax as you entertain your guests. Many companies offer a build your own dinner buffet, featuring such options as:

  • Slow roasted turkey, ham, beef, or seafood;
  • Seasonal vegetables, prepared according to your choosing;
  • Different starch options, including mashed or baked potatoes, rice pilaf, pasta, and others;
  • Vegetable and starch salads;
  • Artisan breads;
  • Dessert; and,
  • Beverage service.

The best part is that plates, silverware, service, and related necessities are usually covered with a full service meal.

  1. Channel Your Inner Snoopy:

    Old school Peanuts fans remember “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” in which the hapless hero got help from his trusty beagle in fixing up Thanksgiving for friends. On the menu: Popcorn, accompanied by buttered toast, and other garnishes. This classic cartoon gets an upgrade with a popcorn machine themed event, another option that takes the holiday in a totally different, unexpected direction. Plus, steamy kernels covered in butter, cheese, caramel, and other toppings are nice for munching while watching football.

  1. Think Outside the Box:

    As much as we all love it, there may come a time when you crave something that’s distinctly NOT Thanksgiving. Asian fusion food provides a welcome departure. The distinctive flavors and tang are a pleasant departure from the rich, creamy foods associated with a turkey dinner. For example, sushi is a unique, communal experience that gets people in the holiday spirit. In addition, passed appetizers, such as shumai and other Asian dumplings, are easy as finger food. 

  1. Focus on the Sweets:

    If you’re determined to handle the bulk of the Thanksgiving dinner details on your own, nothing should stop you. But once you’ve prepared and carved the turkey, stirred the gravy, and cooked up all the sides, dessert may be the last thing from your mind. Since oven and stove space is usually at a minimum, let someone else do the work. Caterers can work out seasonal or custom menus for your holiday meal, complete with:

  • A cookie platter;
  • Brownies;
  • Festive cupcakes;
  • Exquisite pastries;
  • Fruit skewers; and,
  • Many other favorites.

Our Manhattan Thanksgiving Catering Professionals Can Assist with All Your Holiday Needs

No matter you envision the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for your event, you can count on a skilled catering company to make your dream a reality. To learn about your Thanksgiving dinner options and get more ideas, please contact Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering & Events. We can schedule a consultation to tell you more about our professional services.

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