Food Planning For Your Next Party


You’ve been anticipating it for weeks and now it’s time to start planning for the big event you’re in charge of. With several hundred people on the guest list, the most stressful part of the party is always planning the food. When you have that many people, coming up with a menu is daunting to say the least. Whether it’s for a company party, a wedding, a family reunion or any other large event, you want your guests to be pleased with the food. Here are 4 reasons why you should opt for catering vs. doing the meal yourself.

1-Stress less

When you hire Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering to take over, you can relax a little. The food is the biggest part and now that we have taken over the hard part, you can concentrate on the fine details that will make your party sizzle. We have a wide variety of menu options and food themes to fit all occasions. Let us go over the many choices with you so the food will match the atmosphere you’re desiring to create.

2-Party extras

We are happy to assist you in any other party extras you need. Let us help dot your i’s and cross your t’s. We work to make your job easier. Do you need a venue? We can help with that! What about photography or videography? You don’t want to worry about capturing all the special moments, you’d like to be IN those moments. Let us help you. What about equipment rentals like a cotton candy or snow-cone machine? We can hook you up! Talk to one of our professional staff members about your options. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is not just the best catering in Manhattan catering options, we are a full service party planning company.

3-Setup and cleanup

When Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is in charge, we bring the serving platters and dishes. Our staff will lay out the spread in a pleasing and eye catching way to delight and entice your guests. And once it’s all finished? You can kick up your feet and take a deep breath because we will take care of the dishes and cleanup. Your successful party is now over and we will finish the dirty work.

4-Variety and selection

If you are doing the food yourself, it is simply impossible to come up with several entree selections, appetizers, hors devours, and desserts. You would need a team to help you and even if you did have several awesome friends to count on, who’s to say they would do a good job at expertly, beautifully and deliciously creating your menu options. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering takes care of this for you. We provide the team of servers and professionally prepare the most succulent dishes for your guests to dine on. The meal will be unforgettable and your party will come away as a smashing hit.

Schedule your event today!

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is here to bring your party from mediocre to magical. You can slave over a hot stove for hours upon hours with a few stressed out buddies, feverishly working to make enough food for everyone. Or, you can leave it to us to make it marvelous while you worry about the other details that need your attention. Call us today, we look forward to serving your upcoming event.

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