What Is Involved In Catering Corporate Events?

If you have looked into putting together a corporate event, you understand the amount of time and energy it takes to transform plans into an amazing party in reality. Often, you will need the help of numerous people and use up the precious time and talent of a good number of your employees. Instead of tying the time and energy of up your employees and adding layers of stress to their workload, there is a better alternative. If you want your next corporate catering event to be perfectly planned and memorable with superior service and fantastic food, you need to call in Thomas Oliver. We are your source for exquisite New York corporate catering.

The First Steps

The first things you will need to decide is the type of food you want to provide for you event. Perhaps you are looking for a specific meal, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, or something in between. You take a look through our vast selection. We have everything from drinks, desserts, meals, and even buffets. If you are looking to make your corporate event stand out, we have a variety of themed events that will make any corporate event much more memorable. With Thomas Oliver you can choose a variety of themed events such as our Asian Fusion, Italian Feast, Southwest BBQ, or our signature New Yorker. With eighteen different themed events, you will be able to find something perfectly memorable for your next corporate event. We use only the freshest ingredients so we can provide a true culinary masterpiece each and every time. Whether you are putting together a lunch for potential investors, clients, or your reliable employees, you can count on Thomas Oliver’s to provide the very best.

Once the Food is Selected

After you have chosen the meal or the theme, the next step is to find the right spot to hold your event. Sometimes you will have the convenience of being able to hold it at your office, sometimes you will need to find a larger location. In addition to the location, you will need to make certain you have tables, chairs, utensils, and plates. Since this is just one additional stressor when it comes to planning a party, Thomas Oliver’s can make it even easier for you. We provide the utensils, plates, and everything else you need to host a successful corporate event. To make things away from your office easier, we have event and corporate planners on hand. They can help you find the best location and work with you in the rentals for chairs, tables, and other supplies. Our event planners will work to inspire, so you can have the Corporate Event you want. When it comes to Manhattan corporate catering, Thomas Oliver’s is the way to reduce stress and make every step in planning that much easier.

Taking Your Corporate Event to the Next Level

When you choose to incorporate a theme into your next corporate event, you will bring an atmosphere that will be unforgettable. With Thomas Oliver’s we can transform a conference room or break room into a Mexican Fiesta, Mardi Gras, Greek Buffet or other theme. You will be amazed at our food and planning expertise. If you have people in your party with special dietary restrictions, let us know. We have a gluten free menu and can help find great food for even the pickiest person. When you want the best in New York catering, you need Thomas Oliver’s. With us on your side, the stress of planning any corporate event will dissolve. You will love our gourmet meals and superior service. We work to make every corporate event into something memorable and unforgettable. You can count on Thomas Oliver’s to bring your next corporate event to the next level.