How to Pull Off a Successful NYC Event

Planning a beautiful, high end, upscale event takes a lot of careful planning, meticulous attention to details and pure, creative inspiration. There is so much that goes into throwing a grand and spectacular event. The atmosphere and ambiance needs to reflect the purpose of your event, not detract from it. This involves carefully considering all aspects of your decor as well as the actual location or venue. The food for your event has to be jaw dropping in both taste and presentation. Poor quality and lack of flavor can reflect badly on the overall appearance and the approval of your guests. If you are short on time and struggling with ingenuity however, it can really affect how well you pull off your event. As your professional, upscale NYC catering company, Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering has a few helpful tips to get you started.

Create a checklist

It helps in the beginning stages to start with a fairly detailed plan. Figure out what needs to be done and write it down. This keeps you organized and most importantly, helps you not to forget vital details in the end. Adding things such as scheduling the venue, booking the entertainment and planning the NYC catering menu are essential items for your checklist. Make sure you go over this list multiple times as you are putting things together so nothing is overlooked.

Set a budget

Every event needs a budget because without it, you could greatly exceed the amount you wish to spend. Determine the money you have to put your event together and set aside an amount for each aspect. It helps to price out each area to get an idea of how much you will need to spend. Decide how much of that budget goes toward things like decorating, venue, food and more right from the beginning so the final cost does not shock or hurt financially. Maintaining good records and saving receipts will assist you in record keeping as well as future event planning.

Cater the food

Preparing and cooking the food for a beautiful event is a big project and not only will you save time by having upscale NYC catering, but you will also ensure that the food is safely and deliciously prepared. The last thing you want is a kitchen tragedy or disaster with a particular portion of the meal. For corporate catering in NYC, you definitely want the most upscale catering NYC selection. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering has an incredibly wide variety of delicious dishes and themed food to fit any style or event you can imagine. Not only is the food presented in a creative and memorable way, every dish serves up that wow factor you want your guests or employees to experience. Figuring out the menu can be time consuming, but with NYC catering, you will save yourself hours and hours of stress and shopping. We take care of the meal prep, serving and clean up. This is an essential must when it comes to a smashing hit for your upcoming event.

Do not do this alone

It is nearly impossible for one single person to put together a huge event, make sure the food, entertainment, seating, decor, invitations, etc, etc, etc is all neatly designed, arranged and planned to perfection. Often times, it takes a perfectly coordinated collaboration of several committed individuals to pull of something fantastic. So get some help! Assign various pieces of the planning to trustworthy coworkers or friends and most importantly, follow up with them and see how they are doing to ensure nothing get left unfinished and all aspects of the event are flowing smoothly.

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering can help in many ways

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is not just your perfect go-to for the most incredibly presented, upscale NYC catering meals, we also can assist you in many other aspects of your event planning from overall event planning, booking a venue, helping you with party equipment rentals, flower arrangements and so much more. Don’t stress over planning your next New York event, let us help you orchestrate it into something perfect and extraordinary. We can’t wait to help you, call us today.