Bronx Corporate Catering

Was the last corporate event you attended unremarkable? Was the food menu the same that you have seen at the last 8 events that you have attended? If you are getting ready to plan your own corporate vent in the Bronx you should make the effort to make your event stand out to your employees. You do not want to throw another boring dinner event that they are sure to forget about in the weeks to come. Employee satisfaction is vital when you want to get the most out of your employees. Corporate events are a great way to show employees that you care and make them feel valued. If you want your next event to stand out and help increase employee motivation and workplace satisfaction, then you need to call in the experts with Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering.

We provide everything you will need to have a memorable event. We can take an incredible amount of stress off of you because of our many connections. As party planners, we have worked with countless other companies to throw great event for our clients. Our connections allow us to help you put together a seamless event without having to bounce between different planners. We can step in and do a lot of the work for you. It is simple, if you want to take the stress out of your corporate event in the Bronx you need to hire Thomas Olivers.

It’s all about choice

We have a wide selection of menu choices that are gourmet selections that will make an impression on your employees that they aren’t going to forget- like they have the many other catering dinners they have attended. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering can deliver fine foods with exceptional quality that many other Bronx corporate catering companies aren’t willing to put the time and work in to create.

If you are looking for breakfast foods, lunch or dinner, we have the variety you need. Often times, companies do not consider having a corporate breakfast event rather than a dinner or lunch event. Breakfast is a fun way to mix up the event and make it memorable for your employees.

If you want desserts, our selection will satisfy any sweet tooth. Desserts are a great way to add a finishing touch to any meals. Our dessert menu can be as simple or as complex as you would like. If you are throwing a simple lunch event with a simple menu, a cookie platter can be the best option for dessert. If your event is more upscale you may want to consider Italian pastries to help finish the night on a high note. Whatever it is, Thomas Olivers can make it happen for you.

If you want to add in a theme at your next corporate event, we have nearly twenty specialty menus. If you want a Siesta, we can provide fajitas or tacos and side dishes. Your tables will look amazing with our decorations. To set the mood, we bring in sombreros and vibrant colors. We can bring in the right music and you will feel like you really are at a siesta. Thomas Olivers is dedicated to making sure that our specialty menus and evenings are perfect and do not come off chessy. We make sure the evening flows well with great food, good decor, and a great environment. If a French salad and rosemary potatoes are what you are crazing, our French Connection is perfect. We really do have so many different options for you to choose form. Do you have an idea that isn’t already listed on our speciality menu? We would love to visit with you about your wishes and work with you to make sure that your ideas are executed well. With Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering on your side your Bronx Corporate Event will be the talk of your organization for years to come.

Much More than a Catering Company

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering can provide so much more than the food. Unlike many other catering companies in the Bronx, our goal is to eliminate stress. We do as much as we can to keep your job simple so you can also enjoy the evening. From the food to the event location, we have all the local connections and will be able to find a facility that will suit your needs and food adds to the theme and goal for the evening. We can provide utensils, plates and when the event is done we do the cleanup. We have catered enough corporate events to understand all of the ins and outs to what makes events special and memorable. Our experience can not be matched. From waiters, to an open bar we will make certain your event is perfect. Call Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering for your next event.

If you’re looking for gourmet catering whether it’s in Bronx or throughout the 5 burroughs in Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan or New York Thomas Oliver’s has what you’re looking for.