Tips for Planning a Spring Company Party

Spring is nearly here and you have been thinking that it’s time for a spring corporate party to wake everyone up after cold, dreary winter. We have all made it through these crazy, miserable Nor’Easters and it’s time to celebrate spring. A company party is the perfect idea to motivate, energize and wake up the fresh ideas for the rest of the year. Events like this are a perfect way to get all your employees on the same page and reconnect as a team. There’s nothing like a delicious meal, enjoyable entertainment and socializing in a quasi non-work setting to spark creativity. The thoughts of putting it all together alone sounds unbearable however. Gathering supplies, food and everything you need for a spring party is just too much for even a couple people to do alone. What you need are the specialized skills and experience from the staff at Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering to help you plan a smashing success of a party. You need the most delicious options when it comes to corporate catering in Manhattan and we have got you covered.

The best spring party starts with a good idea

Theming for your company party is a fantastic idea as it will help your employees recall it better years down the road. Themed parties also have an energy that flat, themeless parties lack. Coming into a room with dinner and speakers is nice, but coming into a room with a Hawaiian Luau theme is a whole lot more exciting. And you want to wow your employees, right? Let our New York corporate catering team help with these fun ideas:

Beach Day Party:  What better way to encourage warmer weather than to celebrate it with our beach themed meals. Macaroni salad, pickle chips, teriyaki steak and chicken jerk kabobs and chipotle corn are just a few summer feeling dishes served up with this theme. We provide all the paper goods and tablecloths, what can be better than that?

Mexican Fiesta: Nothing is more lively than a colorful, Mexican fiesta. Mexican food is savory and a favorite of many. Serving up marinated, grilled fajitas, soft and hard shell tacos, nachos and flan will be a complete hit. The food is exciting and this theme is a real crowd pleaser.

Hawaiian Luau: You can almost feel the warm summer sun with this themed corporate catering New York event. A tropical garden salad and grilled chicken breast, garnished with sides of Hawaiian shrimp creole and stir fried pineapple and wild rice is one of the tastiest summer fun dinners you can organize for your company party. We do all the difficult work of set up, clean up and providing all the tableware of course. You can’t lose with this theme.

Go fancy with a buffet: Our corporate Build Your Own Dinner Buffet option is a great idea for a little more swank and formal atmosphere. You have a lot of flexibility in this area and area options are many. For the entree, select from chicken roulade, southern fried chicken, Korean style steaks, BBQ ribs or herb crusted salmon just to name a few from our incredibly delectable entree list. Our list for sides will make your mouth water. Honey roasted baby carrots, herb roasted potatoes, baked sweet plantains, three bean salad or tropical quinoa are a few sides everyone will enjoy. But you can’t forget dessert! The Italian Dessert Platter with biscotti, chocolate mousse, cream puffs and cannolis is divine. Our moist selection of moist yogurt loaf cakes, the brownie platter or even a make your own ice cream bar are great ideas to go along with any dinner theme. Our list of choices in the buffet area will blow you away so if you’re curious, ask and we will be happy to go into detail.

Stress free corporate catering in Manhattan

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is all about helping you deliver fabulous meals for any corporate event and taking the stress out of the planning. We clean up, set up and deliver the food so you don’t have to worry about it. Need venues, party equipment or center pieces? We have resources here as well. Stop fretting about your next corporate spring party and let us help you. Call us today to get your corporate party planned.

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