Unlocking the Secrets of your Refrigerator

If you use your refrigerator in the right way, you can extend the life of your fruits and vegetables and keep you and your family from getting sick. Food poisoning is never something you want to serve with dinner. When it comes to New York Catering, Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering understands food. We want to help you unlock the secrets of your refrigerator. Here are a few tips from the finest New York catering company.

  • Using those Special Drawers: Whether you call it a crisper, humidity drawer, or produce drawer doesn’t matter. What matters is that you use it. Your crisper keeps the humidity a bit higher than the rest of your refrigerator. This added humidity will help keep your lettuce and other vegetables crispy for a lot longer. Avoid mixing fruit with your vegetables. Fruit releases a ripening compound called ethylene gas. When that ripening compound hit vegetables it causes them to ripen and then go bad a lot faster. Crispers are designed to keep the humidity high, while fruit drawers are designed to keep the humidity low. Fruit drawers allow air to escape, which helps reduce the amount of ethylene gas. If you keep your fruit in the fruit drawer, it will last longer. If you have a drawer labeled meats, use it. The drawer will keep your meats colder than the rest of your fridge and they will last longer. Still though, never keep fresh meats in your refrigerator for longer than five days. Ground meats only last two.
  • Shelving in the Doors: Just because the manufacturer made a spot for milk on the door doesn’t mean you should use it. In order to keep you milk longer, keep it on the shelves inside your refrigerator. The reason for this is all about temperature. You see, whenever you or your kids opens the refrigerator, the first place to lose the cold air are the doors. If you milk is stored in the doors, it will be warmer and spoil faster. In addition, always keep the lid on your milk. Otherwise, it might begin tasting like other things in your refrigerator. No one likes oniony milk.
  • Storing Cut Vegetables: Having precut vegetables in your fridge can speed up food preparation times, but not all cut vegetables refrigerate equally. If you are storing onions or garlic, make certain they are in a sealed container, otherwise they might transfer their taste to your other foods. Cauliflower loses its taste quickly after it has been cut. You should avoid storing it in your fridge. If you have store your cauliflower, place the freshly cut clusters on a moist paper towel in your fridge. Just make certain you use it quickly. You can store broccoli and brussel sprouts the same way. Carrots and celery can be cut and placed in an uncovered bowl of water. They will maintain their crisp.
  • When it comes to keeping food fresh and delicious, no one does it better than Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering. When you want the best catering service in New York, you need to give us a call. We can transform any event into a magical memory.

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