What Type of Food Does a New York Catering Company Provide?

Menu and food service are among the first tasks you’ll need to tackle when planning a special event, but you may be wondering how the process works when you partner with a New York catering company. Generally, you can rest assured that caterers will strive to exceed your expectations for a wedding, gala, or corporate event. However, you should also be aware of the types of food a catering company can provide to make the occasion special.

4 Types of Food You’ll See at Top Events by New York Catering Companies

Recently, caterers for weddings, parties, corporate meetings, and other special events are less focused on presenting a specific cuisine or course. You may see the typical entrée choices of fish, beef, or vegetable replaced by an experiential menu. The food might represent the lifestyle or preferences of the couple or be a complement to the venue itself. Some examples of the food you’ll find at a catered event may include:

  1. Farm to Table: The trend that’s hit the restaurant scene in recent years is carrying over into catered events, with organic produce, locally produced meats, and artisan cheeses topping the menus. Guests feel a sense of connection with their meal when they know it was sourced just a few miles away.
  2. Brunch: People love brunch, so it makes sense that this breakfast-lunch crossover would find its way into high end events like weddings, anniversary parties, and engagement celebrations. Mimosas and Bloody Marys are the ideal accompaniment to a mid-morning meal with omelets, fruit, breakfast meats, and other offerings.
  3. Midnight Snacks: After a night of dancing and revelry, more couples are providing late night sustenance to guests before they depart the wedding. The menu could be as basic as pizza and burgers, or as elegant as passed appetizers.
  4. Small Plates: Catering services are moving toward a meal that’s more akin to a tasting menu than a three-course meal. Instead of the routine salad/entrée/dessert, you may see an amuse bouche paired with an aperitif, followed by 3-5 small plates, wrapping up with a tiny, sweet bite.

3 Types of Catering Food Service and Presentations

To New York wedding catering services, the presentation and style of service is every bit as important as the food. However, more couples and event organizers are eschewing the sit-down dinner or buffet for more creative choices.

  1. Themed Service Stations: Everyone’s got a hankering for a certain kind of food, and themed food tables are a way to satisfy their cravings. Top theme options to consider include:
    •  A seafood tower;
    • Cupcake display;
    • Pasta bar; and,
    • Choose your stir fry station.
  2. Food Trucks: Another trend that’s carried over into weddings and special events is food trucks, a budget-friendly, rustic presentation that creates a no-fuss, casual atmosphere. Fusion tacos are a popular choice, blending the flavors and spices of Mexican, Cuban, Thai, Korean, Hawaiian, and many other global cuisines.
  3. Interactive Food Service: You may also see more catering professionals bring out interactive experiences at weddings and events, which makes the guest part of the preparation process. For instance:
    • If you love guacamole prepared at your table, you’ll love how caterers are taking the show out of the restaurant and into event venues. Guests can choose their toppings, such as veggies, cheeses, seafood, and other add-ins. Then, they can mix it up themselves in a traditional molcajete.
    • Rolling your own sushi isn’t as tough as you think with the right tools and guidance. Guests can select what they want and the style, such as sashimi, nigiri, or hand-roll. When the ingredients are pre-chopped and all the necessary supplies are handy, roll-your-own is an unforgettable interactive experience.

Additional Factors Regarding Types of Food Served by New York Catering Companies

Of course, there are also other considerations to take into account when deciding on food types for a catering professional. With any of the above ideas on types of food and service options, your budget is a priority. Fortunately, some of these concepts are reasonably priced, and you can move up the budgetary ladder from there.

The venue is another concern, as the setting and layout of the structure will dictate some of the details. Still, some of these ideas are just as home at a high-end, elegant affair as they are at a backyard event.

Trust New York Catering Professionals to Cover All Your Event Needs

Whatever your vision for a wedding or other special event, you can expect your catering service to be flexible and accommodating to meet your needs. Please call to set up an appointment with a catering professional who can help you in laying the groundwork for a memorable occasion.

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