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Weird Food Combinations That Make You Go EW

From the beginning of time, humans have been trying to concoct up the interesting and delicious. Putting foods together to see if they create something magical and incite a mouthwatering reaction can be an exciting but also nerve wracking part of cooking. Is it going to be good? Will it be disgusting? You never know till you try it. Who knew way back in the early 1900’s that combining peanut butter and jelly on bread would create something irresistible children would crave for decades? Still though, there are just some food choices that might never catch on.

Oddly Strange

Veritable PB&J: Sometimes even something as amazing as a peanut butter sandwich can be altered into something odd. Do you like the taste of dill and peanut butter? If so, feel free to add pickle slices instead of your standard jelly. Now you have a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. If vinegar, dill and peanuts aren’t your thing, there is another form of peanut butter sandwich that might make your tastebuds sing. If you like Elvis Presley, you might want try his take on the PB&J. Instead of jelly, you add slices of bacon, mashed bananas and honey to your peanut butter sandwich. After one bite you might begin to realize why he created the song, “I’m all shook up”.

Poppin Pizza: Everyone loves chocolate, and almost everyone enjoys a slice of pizza. Why not combine your favorite cheese pizza with melted chocolate. It might sound like something that was created by mistake, but will the mixture of flavors across your tongue make it mouth watering, or will you need to water your tongue to wash down the flavor. The only way to find out is to give it a try.

Sweet and Citrus: Speaking of chocolate, you might be a fan of chocolate and oranges. If so, grab your box of oreos, but skip the milk. Pour yourself up a tall glass of orange juice and send those cookies for a dip. The only way to find out if cookies and orange juice is better than cookies and milk is to make the first plunge.

HD&J: Having a hot dog in a bun with ketchup and mustard might be odd to other cultures, but it is the thing to eat when you are at a baseball game. Could there be a way to make the hot dog even stranger? Of course! First, forget the ketchup and mustard, then grab your favorite jelly. Now add a generous layer of jelly to your bun and finish it off with a piping hot, hot dog. Could the hot dog and jelly, or HD&J, become the new PB&J?

Popcorn: When it comes to variety, you can find it with popcorn. Popcorn comes with cheese, caramel, white and milk chocolate, butter, but have you ever thought of adding a bit of ketchup? You eat ketchup with french fries, why not popcorn? Next time you sit down to watch a movie with the family, grab yourself a bag a popcorn, but don’t forget the ketchup.

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