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How to Pick a Great Catering Company for Your Corporate Events

Corporate events are a big deal. It’s a time you can host guests, employees and customers as a powerful marketing tool. These events need to be done right and done well. Food is a big deal at these things and can make or break your event. You want it to be tasteful, delicious and classy while also matching the theme and ambiance you wish to create. Your goal at these events is not only to convince your employees that they work for the best and most exciting company in the industry, but also to prove that your company cares, appreciates them and that they matter.

One way to do this is to throw a phenomenal party and you don’t do that by tossing up a few balloons and blindly picking a caterer. The details need to be thought through and it is important, especially in the aspect of food, that you are meticulous in this area. Poor quality food or not enough food can cast a huge shadow on your event that will be remembered negatively in the eyes of your employees, totally defeating the purpose of your event, which in the end is a waste of money. To do it right and make the tiresome work you are putting in worth it, you need the best corporate catering New York has to offer. Here are some tips on how to pick through the best catering companies in New York:

1-Find a caterer with flexible menu options

It is important when catering to a large group that the meal has enough choices to suit many diverse tastes. Adventurous dishes can be fun but they can also backfire if your guests do not recognize what the dishes are. Taking popular dishes and putting a delicious, incredible twist on them makes a big impact. A good caterer offers a collection of various and assorted dishes that everyone can enjoy. Many of your guests might have dietary restrictions as well. If your caterer offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten free menu options, you know you have a winner.

2-You need a caterer with resources

The best New York catering companies do not just offer the most succulent dishes for your guests, but can help you out with other aspects of your corporate event. Why not pick a catering company that can kill two (or more!) birds with one stone? Catering companies that can offer serving and waiter services, party equipment rentals, venue resources as well as decor and centerpieces is a huge bonus and can save you tons of time.

3-The best New York caterers listen to your needs

Catering companies in New York can be expensive but the best caterer listens to you and what your budget needs are. There is no pressure and they find you options that fit your financial needs. It is important before you meet with your caterer that you determine your budget and decide on a theme. Is it formal or casual? Once you establish your needs and preferences for your event, communicate these to your caterer so they can effectively help you make decisions.

Look no further than Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering

When you are looking for a corporate catering company that can deliver that wow factor you want to present to your employees, customers and guests, Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is here for you. We do everything from corporate breakfast catering in New York to themed dinner menus to build-your-own lunch buffets and so much more. We cater to corporate events of all sizes and at any time of the day. And not only that, we can help you with so many of your other corporate event planning needs, just schedule a meeting with us and we can go over all the details and even give you samples of our incredible dishes. We understand you have a lot riding on your corporate events and as one of the finest catering companies in New York, we look forward to serving you.