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Whether you’re having a party with friends, a birthday event, a bar mitzvah, or a wedding, you don’t want boring, run-of-the-mill catering. You want GOOD, delicious food. But if you desire your party to be memorable, using a party theme will achieve that. Theming your party will keep it from falling flat. Fun party themes breathe life into the event and give it that positive energy. Food can bring that extra element of awesome and with Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering, your guests will not only be impressed with the delicious selection but also with how your delightful party theme has enhanced the overall atmosphere. Your event will definitely be remembered.

Choosing a theme

First, decide what YOU are in the mood for. What is your favorite food? You might as well satisfy your craving first, right? In any theme, we have delicious food choices that everyone will enjoy. Have you been craving mouth watering fajitas? Then our Mexican feast will please everyone! Decorations for a Mexican theme are bright, colorful and lively and if it’s casual, tossing in a piñata for the children is a fun way to end the night. If your party is in the summer in the backyard, a Hawaiian Luau is the perfect choice. Our colorful tropical salads and Hawaiian shrimp creole is a feast for the eyes and the mouth. Not only will we toss in the paper goods and tablecloths, but also help you with party equipment rentals. Add in a few tiki torches and what a memorable night you’ve created!

Finding the venue

If your event is a party on the beach, our Day at the Beach BBQ is the perfect fit. Is your location the beautiful park in your neighborhood? The Picnic Lunch theme with fresh and flavorful meal options is a fun choice. But if you know your theme yet don’t have a location, we can help you with that. If a fancy French Connection theme is more up your alley, we can accommodate you. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering & Events has connections with several upscale venues that would suit your event such. For instance, Smooth Sailing Celebrations would bring an unforgettable experience partying the night away on a yacht. If a you’d like a more modern twist, combining the 91 Horatio venue with it’s lush decor and The New Yorker themed meal would deliver an evening of luxury and finesse.

Fitting for every occasion

Whatever your palate delights, whatever the occasion calls for, Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering will deliver the party and event of your dreams. We take the difficulty and stress out of party planning in Manhattan by providing you with all the details you would rather not worry about. From rentals to dinnerware to decor and venues, we’ve got your covered. Our food will leave a splendid, lasting impression on your guests, helping your event go down in the history of their happy memories. Call us today to get your party planning started! We are your trusted Manhattan catering company.

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