Popular Themed Events for Your Corporate Party

It’s been decided, your corporate event is in the works and it’s time to start the planning. It’s a daunting task because you don’t want the event to bomb as that bodes negatively for your company. Not only does a lackluster party make you look bad, but it puts your business down a few notches and the purpose of corporate events is to not only make progress for the future but also to make a good impression. Keeping your employees and business supporters happy and satisfied is a big task. Selecting a theme for your event sets the tone and will have a memorable impact on the attendees. But where to start? What theme is appropriate for the occasion? Knowing your audience as well as the goals of your event will help you make this determination. If team building and getting to know fellow co-workers is the goal, a casual, light hearted event might be in order. Or perhaps introducing new concepts and showing employee appreciation would best be suited with a formal tone.

Determine the tone of the event

Determining the type of event will help you guide your decision towards the type of theme. You can’t have hot dogs at a fancy dressed gala and posh hors d’oeuvres will not mix well for a corporate party at the park. The food needs to match the mood. Any company can have a corporate beach retreat but toss in Thomas Oliver’s Day at the Beach BBQ theme homemade macaroni and potato salad, jerk chicken, teriyaki steak and pepper kabobs with grilled chipotle corn and fruit kabobs, the food fits the mood. A Hawaiian Luau theme is another perfect choice for a casual, summertime event. On the flip side, a formal event needs an elegant, sumptuous feel. This is accomplished with lavish themes such as the French Connection with succulent chicken francois, rosemary roasted potatoes and string beans almondine. What could set the elegant atmosphere better than creamy mashed potatoes in martini glasses with delicate toppings? Deciding the mood of your event with our themed catering menus is a great place to start.

Select the perfect venue to compliment your event

Once you decide the mood of your event, you need to find the best place to hold it. Casual events in the summer are perfect for outdoors and Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering can help you deliver that with our event and corporate planners. By subtly reinforcing the theme in small ways throughout your event, it creates a lasting impression. You don’t want your guests to be smacked in the face with garish and tacky theming. Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering will help you tastefully put together the perfect meal and ambiance so you can focus on the important business aspects of your event. It is also key to ensure that the purpose of your event not be overshadowed by the theme and we can help you achieve this delicate balance. In the New York area, we have established relationships with upscale venues for our clients. These include the high tech Loft 227 that is a spectacular venue for smaller, intimate corporate events as well as Smooth Sailing Celebrations, a swanky, luxurious yacht that is sure to impress. Wherever you decide to hold your event, Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is excited to deliver the most exquisite themed catering menus to thrill your crowd.

Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering for all your NYC corporate catering needs

Whether your event or meeting is big or small, we are happy to serve and aim to delight. Our corporate menu is extensive and offers options for business breakfast, brunch or lunch meetings. On a grander scale, a corporate dinner buffet is the perfect choice when you need to concentrate on the finer details of business but want a sensational meal with little worry on your end. Our full service catering company is sensitive to those with food allergies so just ask, we are happy to make the appropriate accommodations. Feel free to bring up any dietary restrictions when you schedule your event and options will be given. Your satisfaction is important to us. Transforming your home, office or event space into a special occasion that will linger in their memories for a long time is what we are all about.

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