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Unless you have eaten a gluten free diet, it is nearly impossible to understand the challenges. Eating a gluten free diet is not an easy task because once you start learning how much of the American diet includes gluten, it becomes an overwhelming undertaking. It is not just removing wheat but it involves knowing which gluten derived preservatives or food additives contain gluten. It is a massive undertaking to create a gluten free lifestyle, especially when it comes to cooking, shopping or eating out.

Typically, people turn to a gluten free diet because they are gluten sensitive in some way or have Celiac disease. This means that contamination from gluten causes actual pain or harm to the body when ingested. It is incredibly important that there be zero gluten contamination or it can undo all the healing you have worked so hard to attain. Gluten contamination when cooking, preparing and serving is so easy and while some have good intentions to make gluten free meals, simple mistakes can ruin a gluten free dish for anyone wishing for a completely gluten free meal. When it comes to finding an excellent Manhattan gluten free catering, you need one who understands all this and Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering is one you can trust for incredible gluten free dishes. Below are just a few things an exceptional cater does to create amazing gluten free dishes.

1-The best gluten free caterers in Manhattan safely prepare gluten free dishes

You can have the most incredible gluten free meal ever, but if it is contaminated in the cooking, preparing or serving process, who cares what it tastes like, it is no longer gluten free. In order to create gluten free meals safely, you need to prepare them in an area with zero contaminants because someone who is gluten sensitive or intolerant, cannot feel the effects of gluten in even the minutest particles. Grilling, chopping, mixing or prepping food where previous glutenous foods were just prepared means that you are introducing those contaminants into the food. It is important to serve and prepare gluten free foods in their own area.

2-The best caterers have a variety of gluten free options

Those who eat a gluten free diet get really tired of the only gluten free options at restaurants or events being naked salads, plain fruit or steamed vegetables. In many instances, you are lucky to get anything at all. After awhile, you just get used to having nothing to eat at special events, so when you find a caterer that goes out of their way to not only provide safe, gluten free dishes but a variety of things to eat, it is shocking and amazing. An amazing Manhattan gluten free caterer that goes out of there way to come up with a spread of multiple gluten free options deserves a standing ovation.

3-The best caterers deliver delicious gluten free dishes

Caterers who do not understand spices and the chemistry of how to make foods taste incredible naturally, really struggle making gluten free dishes taste palatable. People with gluten sensitivities and intolerances often encounter food that is bland, grainy, dry and tasteless. Gluten free does not mean it needs to be taste free and terrible but often, these are this scenario is very common. Finding a delicious, gluten free meal or dessert that actually tastes amazing is beyond exciting. Thomas Oliver’s wants our gluten free guests to not only be safe but find our food a beautiful, tasty experience. We test and try out our gluten free dishes and meals to make sure they are just as delicious as the gluten items. Just because it is gluten free, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste fabulous.

Thomas Oliver’s cares about all our our guests and their dietary needs.

Dietary restrictions are not fun because usually you feel neglected, whether you are trying to eliminate gluten, sugar, meat or anything else from your diet.Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering does not want any of your guests to feel overlooked and if you specify the need for a specific dietary need, we will do our best to accommodate it and give you all the options possible for selections for that dietary restriction, especially when it comes to gluten free options. For the best gluten free caterers in Manhattan, turn to our talented team at Thomas Oliver’s Gourmet Catering for the most delectable gluten free options around.

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